Possibilities to be seen

She called me up yesterday, with a tremor in that baritone.

Her words echoed in my ears long after i hung up the phone.

My destiny intwined on itself, turned, twisted and snapped.

A little boy inside me slowly clapped.

We built this with the metal of love and purity, and painted it with trust.

I did everything i could to avoid this apathetic rust.

I should be heartbroken or better yet in pieces.

But a little part of me tells me its for the best.

” you weren’t happy either” it says, 4 more days and you would’ve done the same.

You wanted happiness, she gave you love, this is your chance.

Take it.

The brain says something different it tells me to stay. “you can use this against her, shes gonna be indebted ”

“this is it you’ve won”

Its broken, how is it a win?

Is that what this is all about?


If that’s so maybe you deserve it.

Did She just cheat on me or have i been cheating on her?

Maybe we both have, her act has a physical embodiment, my sin is in my head.


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