Memories like fingerprints 

The cold shade coated the proceedings

The sea of black stood still focused on the man of the hour.

The People were close, to each other and to him. They looked at his grandest hour, but why was it so grim?

We come and we go, thats something all of us know. So what is the use?

Stretching something we dont want to confuse.

The man bit the bullet and uttered his words with grace and poise.

Choking on every word but managing to make some noise.

A man with a camera took a picture and everyone sneered, the flash is never charming.

This wasn’t  the kind of light you find warming

They carried on and lowered their sins.

Jumping in the air with a tearful grin.

This is it. There is no tomorrow, welcome to the end. This is where you leave your sorrows.


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