Narcissism through a pen.

My words are cheap, my thoughts are expensive.

My neuroses are extravagant, my philosophy is extensive.

My wallet is full. I hope i can help you float your boat.

So read my spare change, but know that it comes from a larger note.

Just open your hand. Let me put the coins in , open your mind, let me put some life lessons in there.

These coins of wisdom are all that you’ll get. I would put in more But thats all im willing to spare.

So be happy with what you get, don’t sweat it. Keep that smile wide don’t think about it.

I know you think you’re equal, but we’re seperated by 90 ft tall cocktail spoons stuck firmly in a  bunch of 9 mm slits

Did you see what i did there?

How could you.

your brain is just a little chimp that can do a few tricks.



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