Waving bye to the bus.

This is not my biggest priority, he said.

Its not mine either, she said.

I wont be your anchor or your grace, i dont love your mind. Its just your face.

To be yours would be a disgrace to the memory of the one who got away.

My mind is filled with bigger fears right now, losing you would be a fibre in the hay.

I want you to sin, thats all i want to begin. Your fears, hopes and dreams matter. Just not to me.

Ill be your man, once every weekend.


Her mind spins this attraction is something that she can’t stand. His words are just words, give him time, he’ll understand.

You can change him. This one’s special, hes not like the other boys. Atleast he’s telling you what he wants.

He’ll see sense, you will make him. Everyone man needs love. He’ll be a fool not to chase it.

Ill be what he wants, hell come begging for love.


Love on her mind battled the lust on his, he looked at her and posed a proposition, her lips trembling and thoughts racing, she spoke and let out a whimpering yes.



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