The doctors said its a slipped disk.

We can’t operate its too big a risk.

You cant expect to walk.

You’re almost like a vegetable now, but hey atleast  you can talk.

It was different a long time ago.

Someone plays an old song and i start looking back at the days gone by.

The insecurities, the cartoons, my very first lie.

Being friends with people irrespective of tags The smell of new books every year in my shiny red bag.

The swings so scary, the dream of the tooth fairy.

The lies about the ghosts, the rains and the little blue boat which never did float.

Back when poetry meant the rhymes of my mother, When the only prose i knew was the daily adventure dictated by my father

Innocence and Immitation.

My little hands my only limitations.

I remember the tree outside my third grade classroom The leaves and flowers together like bride and groom.

I remember looking at it everyday, i remember everything vaguely.

But as i rhyme my words, reality hits me like a sword.

Its all fading. Your neck is stiff you cant even take a bow , looking back is gonna be very difficult now.


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