The R word 

Wannabe Feminists.

The bartenders of a faith that exists solely because our country can’t believe that psychotic sociopaths exist.

Its not about how a act is heinous because men can’t control themselves.

Its always.

Always about one person, one very bad.

Very sick person, who does sick things.

If one man is an Ahole who commits a greusome crime we suddenly decide to tarnish the entire gender.

Meanwhile a psychopathic lady kills people for cheap thrills and a sense of entitlement.

Its not about sexism, its not about saying the men of this country are bad people, ladies always remember all the guys who’ve dropped you home, noted down the numbers of the auto-rickshwa you travel in and made sure nothing happens to you.

It’s not like we’re all out there to shoot you down. We’re not all there to defend the crime. Believe me nothing crushes a man more than a certain politician saying “galti ho jati hai” when most of us were candle marching for weeks.

Please feminists. Stop banishing men, its not the entire gender that commits a crime, its an individual, a sick, psychotic individual.

Learn the difference between feminism and male bashing. Coz at the end of the day of you’re nothing but a female version of a sexist fucktard.


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