Another bus window. Another journey. Another story punctuated by jerks and speed bumps.
I cant type right now becuase i cant stay still for a second. But then, do we ever?

We talk about how we understand time and its implications on everything.
As we already know, everything in this universe moves from the bottom to the top. But it doesnt stay there, because making something isnt enough. For an object to truly leave a mark it need to go away.

And thats where the one true god of everything comes into play.


The search for randomness.

The struggle this universe creates within itself to move to more and more randomness.

So when everything is going towards self destrucion in its most basal instincts, why do we care about time?

Time is afterall just another metaphorical measure for entropy.

The reason why death is so natural, why this universe expands, why we’re never going to be able to find out our true nature. The reason why headphones tangle and my room gets dirty on its own.


We all get 70 ounces of gas in a car moving slowly towards entropy.

Do you really think you wanna leave those dreams for another day?

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