Do you even Leviosa ?

Gyms . a breeding ground for testosterone charged over inflated steroid infused creatures that i like to term as “BROs”

A bro is any guy who talks about his deitary suppliments the way most guys talk about Females.

a bro is also the Sigma male of every group. in the sense that his sole purpose is to bring the group together in the act of making fun of him .

he has 6 abs and 3 iq points usually occupied by researching bikes , stretch poses and EDM .

BRO is a qualitative term used as either a pronoun or adjective . Pronunciation – Dick head .

A bro will be the best at everything , apart from academics , Arts & his or her job.

their egos are usually just as inflated as their pecs from all the estrogen.

A bro will never excercise for fitness purposes, they do it for a term called “asthetics”

where asthetics come from or what they are , no one is sure of , Asthetics are a well keot secret passd down from bro to bro . on reaching a point in their brolife called the 50 KG mark , where the Bro can bench press the said amount

Asthetics are not the only long term goals of the bros , their main target usually is to someday become exactly like their trainer babloo. ( HE’s THE BEST ROLE MODEL . LOOK AT THAT LEAN MUSCLE AS HE TEACHES PEOPLE HOW TO WALK )

Babloo bhaiya is usually the proto bro ,  a man so coagulated by his convulsions on the ground that his 3 iq points are all pointed together towards the direction of his biceps.

every Bro strives to someday participate in the Mr. *enter city name here * competition and win it so that he can win the respect of every bro ever Brewed .

Bros are amazing as friends , they will continuosly touch your love handles and remind you that theyre composed of fat, bros also like to fondle the chests of all their male friends. As it is clear that they’re most likely never getting the oppurtunity to do that to a decent ( read : Non Slutty ) Girl.

If you are in social interaction with a BRO , hug him , and compliment his pecs , the poor protein bucket needs it.


PS. this is the first post in a long series of stereotype bashing posts , where i bash every friend i have by categorizing them in accordance with their habits .


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