The reds of beajolais 

Babe. There’s something broken about this.But i may be open about this.

The Best way to follow this utility of faith, would be to deal with the actions of the wraith.

Ive been listened to, for sixteen years now. What can you teach me that has any importance in this house?

Well I am not sure, but then i know a lot. Maybe i could teach you how to control the red.

When you grow older you’ll realize that you’re wrong, my red is justified. Completely legitimized by the sodomy of faith.

But its wretched and self anhilative.. The plumbing wont support it. Its too much for your core.

Who are you to tell me that. Dont you think i already know. Everytime the red comes, my senses are stunned.

Well if you do then why dont you battle it, why? Is it enjoyable? Do you have fun??

Welcome to the show, sir. There are 7 safety doors near you towards the left. The red won’t bother you here,  we hope.
I am perfectly fine. Just stop. Please.

Come on.

I have it under control.

Do you now?


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