You’re a mouthful. 

The grass is green on the other side. Look around you folks, its pretty fucking green here as well. Its just a matter of you chasing the wrong things in life.

Your hopes are like cocaine you cant sustain, you’re thinking but its not what you’re drinking. Success and the high life arent waiting for you at the end of a 10 hour flight. They just don’t happen overnight.

They’re waiting for you if you work hard enough. Grow up. Be a good citizen.

Opportunities are the most relatively oblivious objectives you can cite. Be truthful, weren’t the images of red plastic cups and apple pies your catalyst to excite?

If not then maybe you’re one of the good ones. In that case you’re completely fine. Well then maybe we should make a toast, hey, raise that glass of wine.


Ive been trying to treat you well hubert cumberdale.

I have raised you with nothing to support myself.

Why do you want to do this to me?

Why are you just sitting there HUBERT!!!!


Dont speak. There will be no more words out of you.
‘ A thunderous clap and an annexture of ancestral blood ‘

‘ Harry’s eyes opened, why was he calling him Hubert? What is happening?’

‘his final thought turned to a mist as he drowned ‘

Hubert you have been a bad boy, i must treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

A good little walk around daddy’s alimentary, is your elementary need.

‘ The hunched man turned the heat up’

You are souch a tough boy hubert. You have a certain heavy and silky mouthfeel about you.


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