les idiotica

the insides of the armchair felt cold to the touch . She didn’t want to go any further shed already done too much.

This world was her rebellion , She was the overlord controlling all the little hellions,

Just a little novel made resourceful by all the things Shed done

Never stationary yet never on the run

lines , stamps , grass and crystals  , the inflow was a flux, editing pictures with 0 lux

this woman was crazy all of them said, but then again whats the point of being sleazy when that’s not how you’re addressed

little hellions causing rebellions

flux turning grey , working its way to the flush

press here gently , the autograph read ,  cleaned for your sanitation the ripped photograph said.

She looks down on herself , working her way to the caverns .

she looks up walks to enlightenment .  But stops by at the tavern.


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