Stay at home Construction worker

I sit here quietly waiting for my day to dawn , this husk of dusk never made anything any easier for anyone i suppose . Well i guess i should get this on a page , who knows when ill get my next chance.

Dear Matilda,

ive waited , ive waited long enough .This it though , this when i move on , you’ve ruled me for to long , talk id=s cheap my love , but ,my heart isn’t , ill help you help me darling , I’m gonna leave your memories behind.

love . ME

Dear Sheffield

youve been the best friend ive ever had you streets and stadiums have been my solace and getaways together , forever.  So what if our team got relegated , well bounce back , i heard the arctic monkeys are releasing a new album soon.

love ME

Dear mom and dad

you are the best thing to ever happen to me , it’s all my fault , everything that happened. I’m gonna make up for everything soon , this is it for me , im moving on from the past , im leaving it all behind and going ahead into a new adventure , i hope your Knees get better Dad .  And mom those really are very bad dentures. SO this is it , im no longer one of your little debentures .

Love ME

Dear cell phone

you piece of shit , im gonna get a better one , the next time i open my eyes.

Love me.

The letter are done , i should get the supplies now , and ge ready for the dawn of my dusk. the end to my feeble soul and all the surrounding husk, this is it i suppose. last grocery store trip ever


I exit the door , walking with a resolve that can’t be shattered. Hardware store. perfect.

1 long Rope

1 Stool

1 Black hefty bag

1 can of red paint

and a bar of snickers

I really needed the snickers

i walk up to the cashier , he freaked out at the sight of my cart.  I told him it was my Cleansing kit , he didn’t listen and called the manager . They didn’t sell me anything and told me to go .

I really needed that bar of snickers


I went to Starbucks today probably the last time in this cycle of existence .

i saw a face, so much  better than Matilda . so much better than his own

he took out his shitty phone. He stroked his beard .

i went unto him , i asked his name , Robb.

i said hey im Geoffrey

hey Geoffrey , how are you doing today ?

I’m great are you single?

what ? excuse me …

Are you looking for someone ?

he said he was

i asked him who he was looking for .

he said something , but i was just too mesmerised by his beauty.

I called Matilda and dumped her.

I asked for his number and told him he was beautiful

he loved it,

he asked me to call him and offered me a bar of snickers .

I ate it and went home.

I burnt the letters.

I dont want the dawn to come soo soon.

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