You are surrounding all of my surroundings.

So what happens when you lose a grip?What happens everytime you fade? Tell me, do yoh believe in something bigger than you? Or is your karma finally catching upto you? This is bad right?

You move your feet to an introspective beat everytime it becomes too big for your tiny brain to handle. You blame it on the man above. 

Yoir faith is based upon fear and curiosity. You think, you feel, you want to know what makes all this real. But you can’t take the fact that we’re just simple organisms. And science might be really telling us the truth.
But you can’t take that. Its ok. Im sure heaven is waiting for all of you while us thinkers, dreamers, artists and intellectuals are going to boil in hell. 

But then again. We know what defines your faith and we do not play with fear. Im not saying we’re better than you. But we’re much smarter.


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