His name is hope.

Im never what i meant.Im triple minded. 

Im never a reflection, im always perfection. My dreams are my own, im destined to everything they’ve shown. 

Im dark and twisted, my mind is a property proudly listed. Try to don this coat i wear, ill hold my hand out as well so you can lean in and kiss it.

There’s a screen on my chest. Im no god, hell im not even the very best. 

Im trying to be cold, but i cant see past my own eyes. 

Help me in my endeavours. I need you. My words arent lies.

Im trapped in this cell they call my mind, my entirity has already faded and been left behind.

Im standing here today waiting for my answer, im not confused about being a dancer. I just want to know the status of your anger. 

Help me please im still trapped here and i cant take the other 2 on my own.


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