Say goodnight. So i can say goodbye.

You will never know, what is in my veins, you will never know how shallow i can be with my pains, just leave. 
Go through someone elses dreams, youve taken enough. Go torture someone else’s eyes. Please leave.

I have an important role to play, i can only play while im awake, you’re riding my sleep. You’re the lullaby i dont need.

I see you approach but i cant see you go away. Im too weak to take it anymore, you’ve encroached me for two whole weeks. 

Leave before you take me. Leave. Before its too late for you to shake me. Leave for i command you. Leave because i need you to.

I refuse to see the point of you being alone. Alone you’re stone. Together we function. Im just going to stay here and pretend im the junction, your soul can stare into my eyes. Ill stare back, i might do things to it that ill later deny. You can be at the altar, you can give me your soul to take, you can hold the water in your hand and you can think quietly about death. Don’t be afraid of me im your best friend. 

Im sorry for asking you to go. You’re right.


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