Mr. Smokey-eyes

Alone in the dark. Waiting for the hand to reach out and grab you. Alone in the shadows hoping for the hand not to come out to gather you. You wanted to be a better daughter, be a better son, be a better brother, be a better sister.  Highly educated chap respectively termed Mister. 
Come and go, lose that stupid face though. You need to work on your personality to make it better for our needs.

Its not a big task, you’re just losing your identity to be out well trained steed.

Stop rhyming your words, ditch the verses, lose the cures. Be afraid of your ceiling, pleasing those around you should be the only real feeling. 

Even when you doubt me, you know im thinking about. Temperatures are relative, your cool is our red hot waste, so make haste and build some pace, its not a race its the proof of your faith. 

Run after your principles when im done with you, right now lets have some fun. 

But im just 21! Perfect age to come forward for a lump sum.

Work with us and we offer you limited access to hell, leave this opportunity and the world will be a one way non refundable ticket for your family’s trip to the well. Make sure you fun. 





You need me. Haven’t you learnt that? From the C to the V im your only hope of being a leader. You want an army dont you? 



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