Maybe Today.

Words they scream as the apostates dream scared of their own image they ponder along their insecurities.Scared they’ll pass out and wont be shit. Scared they’ll pass out and they’ll be shit. Temperatures rising in their brains as their happiness reigns from the sea to the mountain range. The rains have fallen and the gods have already chosen. 

Its not them. They werent even in the ballot. Its not you. Its me. It’s not me. It’s always been you. It’s not you and me maybe today its us. But do they really want the flux? 

This flux of uncertainty, polarizing their insides against the souls they inhabit, all you know is that they’re frail. They’re not what you think they  are. But whatever they are, they are not you. 

Can you shut up? I’m trying to study. 

Do you really want that? If you do you’re not doing it right. You need them come on have one go on. Have fun. 

I’ve quit.

Oh my goodness i didnt know. Im so sorry. How about you celebrate that with one. Come on you know you want to. Last one i promise. No more than one thats something i can ensure. 

You’re a known liar And you are not a good influence.

Im a liar and a bad influence? Are you sure you’re ok and not under some very strong substance’s influence? You love me. Im your best friend. Im your partner. You cant quit on me come on!

Just one? 



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