Subtitles give me space

Three plus years we were so proud of. We threw them all away for an old fashioned glass and some ice cubes. Im just another reason to regret  your position, you’re just another reason to draw out a long and hard inquisition. 
We’ve roamed this desert for years but we haven’t found a drop of youth. So hold me close as i try to understand, hold me hard in the palm of your hand. 
Im taking over now. Im taking control, you must know that im taking this life, im saving this soul. These words are plain, imagery isn’t my best friend today, yet we wait for the addict to grab his pen and move towards slow salvation like a man at the gallows believes the black bag holds all the answers for the cheers of his fellow commoners. 

 A rapper screams out in my ears that if you can be an example of getting sober, you can be an example of starting over. So lean with it sway with it, just freaking start with it. lyrics they mean nothing till you bombard your fucking heart with it. Its time to move your feet to an introspective beat while this world shines, glitters, dies and fritters all under your feet.

Its time to change my friend. Distance is relative. You can do this. You’ll win. 

I’m battling against you how can you support me. 

I tel you what you need to hear that how i develop trust.


Someday ill be your must trusted ally, once again. You’ll be back, they always come back in a week, you’re no different.

I.. I dint think

You don’t think i should be here, i guess ive already won. 

I need a smoke. 

Haha look whos back.


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