The reason.

Sprucing up my intentions for every single action it becomes apparent that everything i do is a little attempt to get attention. 

I walk through the valley in the shadow of the moon twinkling down upon the pedestals of faith that define your life’s mediocrity.

Its beautiful.

On another day i get a vision of something crazyily creative credited to coagulate the conjunction of my faith with my paranoia. 
Its confusung how this world functions.

just another lonely boy in bed, one step forward towards giving the boss head. It all declines as he lies down in the suppine position waiting for someone to come along that forves him to incline towards whatever it is that he finds interesting. 
His eyes muddle and meet mine. They sing a crass song about love. They follow it up with a rap album for their lovers.

Just another day in the life of man. Just another reason for you to look up to the fan. 

nice story. Whats it about. 

Its a poem.

You sure?


Well you should make it better and add a plot. I don’t  get what its about.

That shouldn’t be your concern. Its just my way of saying stuff. Its upto you how you want to interpret it. 

Pfft. Ill just follow some other blog.


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