Exaggerate and trick me.

Lets make pretend that you and me are gonna live ever after happily.  Your happiness is what matters, even if achieving it leads to my ego being shattered. Ive given you everything, you’ve given me some, ive planned a life with you, you’ve planned a lifetime.  
This is all i wanted. So why is it this strange?  Ive gottwn everything in the world out of this so why does it feel like a disease that spreads into my veins?
My love for you is true. Its just not a 100%.  My love for you is surreal its not normal but iys also something too much for me to handle, the only thing that consists of consistency is the urges i get to leave you. 

You’re perfection you’re the one, but now is not the time for the one. Its time for a lot. I can’t let you hold me back and i sure as hell am not gonna hold you back. If you think I’m wrong in the words i write, come back to me and we’ll have a grand little fight. 

Tonight, im gonna breathe. Today im gonna break free. Break free from the bandage that is you, leaving behind the headache of this view. 

I love you but i have to go. Ill come back to you long before you know.

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