Doctors in the dark 

Anger is my virtue. Anger is my passion, seeing red is all i know. Im scared of it, but its a part of me. Thats something i truly know. The faces i see are different from the voices i hear. There’s two of them and there’s one of me. Ive won a lot of races saved myself from being washed out in a lot of places. 

This world is my oyester. Im waiting for these two to be shucked out. Help me. I can’t let them win. I love you when you’re singing. Please never stop. Im giving you all my problems make sure in time they’re dropped. 

Conveniently yet forcefully. Make sure this ballad of faith that i sing repeatedly, reaches a height from where you can’t get it down.  I’m trusting you with everything. Im sorry i cant offer you anything.

Lo and behold the weakling bitches out again. I told you not to tell them about me. Ill fucking destroy you. You know that right? 

Im.. Im really sorry… I couldn’t stop. 

You fucking will.


I dont think that’ll be necessary. We can sort this out peacefully. 

Why don’t i smack your face very peacefully? Huh? Go back in your hole boy. You don’t belong here. Ill invite you when i have to cry. Leave.

I’m sorry.

Im sorry too.


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