As Per reservation.

It starts with a slow thump. Escalated mildly towards a gentle pump. The world dazzles itself on a line, losing everything there is just to say they’re fine. I can’t get her out of my mind. I think about her eyes all the time.
She’s got ships in the raft, baskets in cases. You must excuse my mannerisms i was making room for some sadistic machoism.  Let me tell you how it goes, drop the bass now, we’ll talk as it starts to snow.

I like the way you eclipse the sun, when you dance. Was that your overall aim or did it all happen by chance? 

You’re a pilgrim waiting for the shivers, let me be the prophet, i do have a tongue thats silver. Look at me, ain’t it all very great? 

I like the way you move, it makes me believe in poetry. I like the way you put me in my place, justified in serving me some poetic justice nd winning every race.

You’re destined for the disease, the closest thing to perfection that ive ever seen.

Well. Dont flatter yourself over words you cant completely comprehend , im here for one reason, i wont pretend.

Its the same reason I got you this ring. 

Tell me. Do you agree to the prospects of being my muse forever?

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