Anatomical anthems of analogous anomalies 

The world spins on its axis slowly and steadily you know it will continue to. Why though? Why does it spin why not shimmy or shake, I hope someday we find out, find out the truth of our existance for fucks sake. 

Its scary isnt it? Being part of an evolutionary process that pays no attention to individuals. We’re all meant for the end, all we’re meant to do is eat, sleep, reproduce and leave. 

How can that be all? How can i one day cease to exist? How is it possible that one day I just stop. 
The finality of it scares me. 
And what happens after me? What happens once im gone? Will Kings Xi ever win the league? Will my grandkids ever rule the earth? What happens when the sun collapses on itself. 
Mid life crisis. Give me a fucking break. 

Ive got a pre youth crisis. 


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