Little Timmy and the blasphemy Chapter 1.

The BJ reich started too long ago for little timmy to remember. The year was 2074 and the black jews had risen above the social standards set for them and had started an uprising the size of mount everest when compared to the little mustached guy timmy’s great grandfather called hitler. 

The differences between the nazis and the BJ uprising were vast and the BJ movement had started out as a result of the annual look alike convention where after one too many vodka gimlets a certain jerry Seinfeld look alike and the woman that looked amost but not quite entirely unlike beyonce met and combined their bodily fluids to form Denzel Broflowski the first black jewish man in the history of the world. 

There was a high amount of media coverage and everything. But Timmy regrded it as a very bad move. Who could possibly blame him, everyone did. 

It had been 60 years since the birth of Denzel and he had spread his seed everywhere. Thr BJ movement had started out as a method of demanding more rights for the black and jewish community and putting an end to the stereotypes. 

Timmy always liked the stereotypes, Timmy was a little racist bastard. He had learnt that from his father who told him stories of how the black jews stole bikes because they were too cheap to buy them. The world had a fun time with these jokes. The stereotypes sat perfectly in their holes, unlike the car stereos that got stolen by the million in the year 2060. 

Timmy picked the newspaper, a new demand by the BJ’s, they wanted a 40% discount on the kosher KFC bucket. “What a bunch of whimps” thought Timmy. 

The problem with the BJ movement was that it was so insignificant that no one really cared apart from rapper Drake jr. who kept singing the BJ anthem with every chance he got, but eve  he was whipmy like his dad Drake who almost caused the 2032 calamity of the fall of instagram. He was the only reason hashtags weren’t allowed to be used anymore. 

Timmy hated Drake Jr. And his anthem, A car conveniently crossong the road in front of his house had its speakers set on full and Timmy could hear drake jr singing the anthem 

Somewhere between Africa and the middle east, somewhere between America and Israel. Somewhere between saving money and shop lifting. Somewhere between rapping and a business.

But we stay down, girl we always stayed down, you know we always lay down, promise to step on the glass before it breaks now.

Im the furthest thing from mixed race like everyone i know.

“Whimp”.  “I should go to school”. Timmy convinced himself that he needed to go. Then decided against it. Then he decided for it and went to school.


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