Little timmy and the blasphemy Chapter 2

School. The one place little Timmy felt his soul cringe on itself and snap into 17 equally sad parts. 

He walked past the water fountains and the lion statues that adorned the walls of the other, much richer and more expensive school that his parents couldn’t send him to. In crossing his eyes fell upon the most beautiful woman in the world. His heart skipped a beat, her face glistening in the warm glow of the sun, her perfect platinum  hair, her perfect face and a body to die for, Timmy slowly fell in love and then he realized a love like that will never be accepted. Timmy was 7 she was probably in her late 70’s but the woman looked like she was just at the perfect age of 57. 

Timmy was a creepy, granny loving racist bastard.

He crossed the love of his life and saw the walls of his school slowly approach him, he saw a few posters of the BJ uprising. Timmy was convinced these guys would be trouble. He ignored the propaganda and walked further, finally reaching his school ; he entered his class and sat on his favourite seat. His friends always kept it empty for him and he loved them for it. He waved his hands at Rob and Will, his friends. They pointed to Timmy’s spot with a look of utter disgust. ” Haha you guys are so funny ” said Timmy and sat down at his seat.

Mr. Kingston walked in, he was tall almost 6″2′ with a skinny build and pale skin. Timmy liked him a lot he was the best teacher he ever had. He had taught him alot and every Thursday after gym class Mr. Kingston walked upto Timmy and gave him Toffees and Licorice in return for Timmy’s jockstrap. Once he gave timmy a mouthful of pudding for massaging his thighs. 

Timmy was a deeply loved, creepy, granny loving racist bastard.

Mr. Kingston taught them numbers and addition, Timmy liked the class and understood everything. Mr. Kingston had a way of reaching into him, he came upto Timmy when the class was over and winked.

The rest of the day was very uneventful and during lunch Timmy aat at his own table against the wall, with Rob and will throwing paper planes at him. ” Such funny guys! Such amazing friends! I love my life!!” 

After school Timmy was walking home when he noticed a weird little spider like creature throbbing on the ground.

He went close to the spider like creature and spoke in his most empathetic voice ” Hey spider, are you hurt?”

Blood and fluid oozing from his nearly destroyed body, the spider talked back to him! 

“Of course not im not hurt at all you imbecile, God knows i shouldn’t hand this over to you but here take this serum, itll give you the abilities of a spider and the strength of a bulldozer. But remember that with-”

Timmy stamped his feet on the head of the weird spider like creature and killed it. He took the serum and started walking back.

“Gee i sure am glad that i killed it, it was too close to plagiarism.” Timmy wondered what plagiarism was but then the forces controlling him decided he should go back home.”


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