Little Timmy and the blasphemy Chapter 3

Timmy walked home slowly, yet extremely sure of one thing this spider serum was the solution to all his problems, not that he had any specific issues, he just liked being dramatic sometimes.

Timmy entered through the front door into his home as his father rushed to the door to greet him, Timmy walked up to him and hugged him as tightly as he could. ” I hd such an amazing day at school today dad, I learnt counting and grammar and evolution-”

His sentence was abruptly interrupted by his dad slapping him square on the cheeks,”How many times have i told you Tim there will be no talk of those satanic devil worshipping science monkeys inside my house?”

“Im sorry dad.” Timmy managed to whimper.

” It’s alright Tim, i just fear for you, i don’t want the apple of my eye to rot in hell as satan uses him as an underage anal plaything. Now come, Mom has made her special BBC. ”

Timmy and Dad walked towards the Dining room, Timmy felt so safe, his dad was a strong  man, very fit and very fun to play father, son and holy ghost with him, Timmy stared at his moustache, it was a classic handlebar, paired with a 5 o clock shadow, his dad looked marvellous. 

His eyes fell upon his mother, the very imgae of purity and serenity, she was short, with long brown hair and green eyes. His mom was the best thing about his life. She was the only person who was always there for him, no matter how rough things got. 

Timmy smiled a gentle smile, he walked upto mom and hugged her, she kissed him on his forehead and told him to go and freshen up.

He did this promptly and returned to the table, mom had made her famous Blue Berry cheesecake. After eating the cake he said goodnight to mom and dad and went up to his room. 

It was around this point that he realized he had a weird serum in his pockets that a weird spider like creature had given him, what does it do? 

He took the bottle out and examined it carefully, it had the words top secret and confidential written on it, Timmy wanted to drink it, but that seemed too mainstream, He saw the letters B and J embossed on the lid  of the vial, Timmy’s excitement grew, was all this conveniently related to the BJ uprising? 

Would he be the key to fixing the world again? Timmy really wanted to kill every last black jew alive to maje sure the world was a good place.

Timmy knew that peace was a product of violence and that chaos always led to control, why he knew this is a question that won’t be answered until chapter 5.

Hedrank the serum with no idea of what else to do with it. 

It went to his stomach with a thud, almost like a dagger strapped with 90 kilos of weight  imapling a watermelon. It was painful, following this burst of pain, Timmy fell to the ground and passed out.

He woke up in a white room, filled with white people. The deeply loved, granny loving racist bastard with a god complex had never been happier.


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