Little Timmy and the blasphemy Chapter 4

It had been 3 days since Timmy’s eyes opened to see the white room’s inhabitants. In the past three days Timmy had done nothing but wander around the room and look at stuff, nothing monumental or special or even interesting had happened, Timmy had a feeing today would be different as the wroter of his destiny had finally taken the time out for him. 

A tall woman with the palest of skin walked towards Little Timmy, she picked him and inspected him. “You are the one Syrah the conquerer chose?”

A pale skinned tall man that might have been her brother spoke,”Yes, he is the chosen one, He shall succeed Syrah and become the next king. He will be the one to beat Sauvignon the ruthless onto submission.” 

“He can’t do it, i analyzed his brain and body, the only thing that is written in his destiny is the intended back story to make the character more lovable which shall be revealed in the next chapter.” Said the woman.

She dropped Timmy down and the man and woman walked towards a door in the fourth wall of the room. 

Timmy was surprised, he kept wondering what was happening. “What is happening?” He screamed. 

Timmy had impulse control problems. 

The duo walked towards him and spoke in unison, “You have been chosen by our lord Syrah is the man that will carry on his empire and rule the world and become the next great conquerer of the new world.” 

“But.. Im 7.” Said Timmy, almost bursting at the seams with excitement.

“That is why you were chosen, we will train you and guide you and make sure you become exactly what lord syrah wanted you to be.” The man replied.

“But what about my family? Mom? Dad? Jesus? What about them?” Timmy inquired.

The woman sighed and said “Yeah… About that… I had the duty to retrieve you, and the retrieval got a little complicated in terms of your parents not wanting to let you go… So we had to… Umm.. You know…”

“No i dont, what did you do you murdering little piece of poo, what did you do to my family!!!” Timmy screamed with a tear in his heart and eyes.

“Relax will you? We told them we were angels and we wanted to buy you, they gave you up for 5 Buy one get one free discount coupons from Domino’s.” The man Replied. 

“5 discount coupons? That’s it??” Timmy said with a shaky voice.

“5 one with one FREE discount coupons.“Said the woman.

“Are you fudging kidding me?” Timmy was beginning to realise that his family was a bunch of assholes. He hated them for the very first time.

His mind rushed and buzzed to the point that he couldn’t breathe without feeling the need to kick a man in the nuts.

Which he promptly did, the man fell to ground clutching his balls.

The woman looked at Timmy, surprised and confused,”That move, the under thruster Jewel buster.” She bowed down to him and touched his feet. ” My lord Syrah, i apologize for everything i have done.”

“Its a pleasure to be kicked in the nuts by you sir.” The man winced in pain as blood oozed between his legs.

Timmy looked down on them bending at his feet. 

Then he felt it. Power.


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