Little Timmy and the blasphemy Chapter 5

Power had been a funny little revelation for Timmy, he had fet it surge through his veins he had felt the effect first hand. He knew exactly what it was capable of making people do, he vowed not to be a bitch about it. 

Timmy was eventually taken out of the white room much to his dismay and was given his own room on the first floor of the house that they were in, No one told him where the house was, all he could see from the windows were acres of farmland. Timmy was surprised to see not even a single soul around up till the horizon, all he could see was grass, wheat and Ginger kids. 

His training began the next day, the man and woman who still refused to be named made him do push ups and crunches and planks and squats and running. Too bad they didn’t focus on his grammar alot. Timmy’s favourite classes were science and math, his teachers were great, but when Timmy tried to massage their thighs they retreated and pushed him away rather than giving him a mouthful of pudding. 

A month passed. Timmy’s education was on track and he felt really good about himself, on this particular day after finishing the day’s classes, Timmy lay in bed wondering about the past when suddenly the woman entered his room. ” Tim, do you know why lord syrah chose you?” She spoke in a calm voice.

“I don’t, I thought it was very random.”Timmy replied.

“Do you know who your great grandfather was?” She inquired.

“I don’t, was he very important?” Timmy asked.

“Not really, No. But must’ve been cool lovong back in the 1960’s right?” She said.

“Uhh.. Well i guess so.. I dont know.. Maybe.” Timmy managed to say, surprised at how idiotic this woman was. 

“My name is Robin, I realized i never told you that, i just didn’t trust you earlier, you know?” 

“Its ok, i guess its alright..  Who was syrah and how did you know him anyway?”

“He was a celestial conquerer of worlds, he could travel through time and bend the fabric of time and space itslef. He was also my father.” Robin had a tear in her eye.

“But how are you not a.. Spider?” Timmy asked, he realized he asked a lot of questions.

“I am part arachnid and part human, so is my brother.” 

“But you dont look spider-y?!”

“Thats a secret to be told later Timmy. Go to sleep, you have a long journey ahead of you. Also, I’m very sure that serum changed you too, it alters a person’s cell chemistry and makes them part spider.” Robin smiled and winked and then walked out the door.

She left Timmy with a lot of horrendous questions in his head. Was all this a plot device to eventually be the reason for his unexpected powers or was Robin, as he nowknew her to be, a potential love interest? 

He shrugged off these feelings of uncertainty and let his mind loose to magical entropy. 


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