Spray on confidence.

So today Id like to skip the chapter of Timmy’s story and focus on something more relatable than a little boy getting super powers from a spider god. That is unless you relate to that, in whigh case you’re fucking weird. 

Anyways it’s been a very lively month for me mostly because of the best Goa trip EVER ( I had an accident, lost a lot of money, time and my friend lost teeth. Moral of the story don’t let people drive. ) 

But it was really lovely because of the fact that ive finally moved in with my grandparents. The decision to do so came as a shock to me and everyone around me because of my flat being  the go to party hub for all of us for a long time. The reason for this back track in collegiate freedom was simple, wifi. Lol jk.

It was my grandparents themselves, growing up without any grand dad or grand mom, is not exactly great for you in the long run, you miss out on a lot, tales of a forgetten era tht exists only in film and period dramas, stories and anecdotes so different from your own, art, literature, science, wisdom there’s just to much knowledge in being with them and id chose that over getting drunk all night in a heartbeat. 

Sure, i have a curfew and i travel a lot, but sitting on the dining table having the food my grandfather cooks and then sitting there watching the news and discussing everything with them is much more important than any amount of parties i might’ve thrown back when i used to live alone surrounded every night by 4 Walls and silence.

Sure travelling a lot gets really boring sometimes, but in the end. It is always worth it. 


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