Turn it over.

Loudlyexclaiming the need to be relevant, its a good idea, you wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t one. 

Its always exciting, when you’re yawning, i like to see what you feel when you’re scheming and planning.

You lift a finger and ruin a life. You didn’t cut the chord before you absolutely had to. How did you possibly sleep next to someone you never loved, was it difficult to gather? 

Was it hard being a father? Did your mind make you insane? Or was it mother’s inane way of sticking to the point or the highway?

I know its been tough, but it’s also been simple. I know its been dark, but you’re the one holding the flashlight and you’re pointing it in the wrong direction. 

You don’t need the National anthen to stand up for yourself, you don’t need jack sparrows compass to find yourself.

Ive tried ti find you in some day dreams that ive had but as Mr. Turner says, you’re always too busy being make believe.


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