Little Timmy and the blasphemy Chapter 6

Timmy woke up from a dream of delight, there was a scary slide, timmy was happy in the dream to be lacking the necessary height. He was jubilated by the dream, still he felt like the most exhausted man in the country, Timmy was prose, not artistic  poetry.

Robin’s brother entered the room and fullfilled the morning rituals of spitting on his hand and spanking Timmy repeatedly till he finally woke up. 

He was trying hard not to be suspicious. But the man’s behavior got erreatic-er by the second. Timmy asked him if he was ok. He said he was, but he felt like the world around them was literally getting ready to implode.

‘Why?’ Timmy inquired.

“The Bj movement is threatening us all, their demands have become a source of infamy, if theur latest demand is met, it’s gonna be a blasphemy.” He said.

‘A blasphemy? This is my battle, i am ready master, let me prove my worth. This will be my fight. Im ready. What are they demanding?’

“Timmy, this is not your war to fight, you’re a god damn kid. Wait for the sequel. We’ll try to get you ready by then.”

‘Just tell me what their demands are.’

“They’re asking for the right to vote.”

‘Vote for what?’

“The Democratic elections.”

‘They’re asking for equality ! How dare they!’

“I know Timmy, it enrages me as well but thats what they’re demanding. But trust me Timmy, they will never get the right to Vote, or be treated as equals in society, they will always be the marginalized assholes living like the scum of the earth eating kosher KFC buckets and bargaining at  every store. ”

‘That is exactly what they deserve!’

“Yes Timmy, thats what they deserve how dare they have bigger dicks and more money than us regular people!”

Timmy heaved a sigh in. He was worried, very worried about the sordid state of affairs his world was plunging into, he was gonna stop all of it. 

Timmy would negate this blasphemy. For now and forever. The oppression will never. Ever. Stop.


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