Little Timmy and the blasphemy Chapter 7 

The sun was shining, bright like… Well the sun. The water in Timmy’s glass felt odorless, tasteless and a colourless with nk shape or form. 

Timmy inferred that the water was in fact water. It had been 6 years since chapter 6 came out, or atleast it seemed like it.

Timmy’s life had changed a lot since the time he was granted super powers by the great conquerer. He was now a grown teenager, full of angst, anger, personality defects and super powers. 

The only thing that really bothered Timmy to the point of being a constant thorn in his  godly backside was the fact that since the past 6 years he had been in the same estate and he still didn’t know the name of Robin’s brother. 

Another thing that bothered him was the fact that in his 6 years of being a super hero god, he had never really done anything…. Apart from kicking the man in the balls, studying and trying to make a pass at Robin.

He never really felt the “super” elements of his “super powers”. Six years on, he was still struggling to cope with his abilities, albeit he still didnt know what those abilities were.

Today, it was all conveniently going to change. Today was the day when he’d break out. 

Robin sat near the window, she was drinking a cup of cocoa. It was june, it was really hot, she was drinking hot cocoa. Timmy smirked, stupid girl, can’t even drink the right drink. 

He approached her and asked her to tell him about the world and what was going on. She told him that the BJ uprising had finally started to die off and that her brother was still out there fighting them.

Timmy remembered the time when the rebels demanded voting rights, his mentor had fought them all off single handedly and ensured that the BJ rebels remained chained to the lower reaches of poverty in society, he ensured they never had any rights and remained the poor kosher bicycle stealing scum of the earth.
Robin told him that right now he was out fighting the others. “Robin, im ready! Let me go out and fight them!”

‘Oh my sweet Timmy, i wish you were.’

” I am!” 

‘You are not ready yet.’

“Ill fight you to prove it!”

‘Ok then, hit me!’

Timmy jumped and punched her in the face. She collapsed to the ground with am incredible thud, Timmy was scared.

Her breathing was slow, Timmy checked for a pulse, but he didn’t know where the pulse was. There was blood everywhere. There were little squishy pink bits on Timmy’s hand. Suddenly Robin stopped moving. 

Timmy started crying. He had just killed Robin. His powers were too strong for him to control! He wasn’t ready yet! He just wasn’t! 


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