Too much face on ugly.

Stuck in the middle of a torrential downpour of human excrement can be exclusively excruciating for everything and everyone involved in the creative process of said shit storm.

The man in the middle is sad because of all the shit under his eye lids. While the man taking the aforementioned shit is regretting everything leading upto the point where he’s a man tbat takes a dump in a giant blender of air.

But shit storms cant exactly be entirely bad now can they, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. 

My friend, every feacal hurricane is conjugated with rain. Rain to wash you down, rain to get the gastrointestinal blockage on your face, off.

Sure the rain is infused with the aromatic ammonia but who cares, ammiiright?

This life is a problem, death being the only soultion. The life is a garden and if today you’re a small sapling or a giant old sequoia, we all know the great indomitable threat of the end getting every so close with each breath we take.

Don’t let it be your downfall however.

Know that if in the end it is all going to by a dark starry night. It’s your fucking duty to ensure the brightest, the most excitingly beautiful day the face of our planet has ever seen.

Don’t be afraid of being crazy. 

As Mr. Jobs said, people that are crazy enough to believe they can change the world, are the ones that actually do.

So here’s to hoping a guy in a metro typing on his iphone can become an author.

A guy slaving away at work can ensure future generations can get lazy and get it easy.

A sad woman behind the reception at a corporate office can be the biggest business tycoon, ever.

So welcome the the worst thing about being a 4 pound brain controlling a pile of meat, welcome to adulthood.

Remember one thing though.

The box around you was created by people who were No smarter than you.



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