Little Timmy and the blasphemy Chapter 8

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Timmy’s mind was stuck in a flux of ideas, should he call 911? Should he give her CPR? Should he just bury her?

Timmy decided against the last 2 options, he called 911 immediately.

The ambulance came along swiftly and took Robin’s body and her head whifh now looked like a strawberry slushie poured over a pumpkin that had a giant hole in it.

He waited by the door patiently for 70 minutes, the cops took their own sweet time in getting there.

Once they decided it was time to arrive at the scene they surveyed the scene, they were shocked at seeing Timmy there, what was this little kid doing in Robin’s house?

The cops knew exactly what Robin was, a kidnapper that worked with her partner Brain wecca.

The police had apprehended brain a long time ago but robin had always eluded them.

This teenager, Timmy had been kidnapped by Robin and Brain a long time ago.

He was the biggest reason for all the pay cuts the cops had to go through.

Detective Cooper Kennedy approached Timmy as he sobbed in the window,”Kid, are you alright?” He said in a very comforting tone.

“I’m good sir, but Robin’s brother, my teacher, is somewhere out there. He needs to know what has happened”, Timmy spoke with sincerity.

“Timmy, what do you remember about these people?”

“Robin and her brother were my saviors, I got magical powers from the great conquerer and the brother said I could end the BJ reich if I utilized these powers.”

“Timmy. You were kidnapped, seven years ago we found a vial containing a sedative inside it in your room, The two of them broke into your home at night and took off with you, we’ve been on your trail for al this time Timmy. Frankly we had lost all hope on weather you would be alive right now or not.”

‘But what about the BJ reich, How did I punch that hole in her head? They taught me and trained me, how can they be bad people ?’

“Timmy, Robin and Brain have had a history of kidnapping kids, raising them and killing them once they are 10.”

‘But i’m older than that, they didn’t harm me at all.’

“6 years ago we apprehended Brain while he was buying groceries, He committed suicide in his cell before we could interrogate him. Maybe the loss of Brain made Robin grow closer to you.”

Timmy’s mind was in a state of flux, thinking about everything from the day he got here to his recent interactions with Robin.

How could he have been so stupid, his racist tendencies had been preyed upon by these people, he had been such a fool.

Timmy was overcome by the emotions he was feeling and he began to cry.

Detective Cooper hugged Timmy and led him outside to his car and sat Timmy down in the backseat, “Timmy it’s time we took you home.”

Timmy just nodded and sobbed. Detective Cooper started driving and the car headed straight towards Timmy’s old house.

As the car approached the familiar lanes and parks of Timmy’s old neighborhood, Timmy tried to absorb everything that had happened to him, he finally saw it, the house he grew up in.

There were no cars parked in the driveway, The house looked as if it was inhabited by people who had just given up hope, The paint was flaky, the hedges were unkempt and the porch was dirty. Detective cooper knocked on the doors while Timmy got down from the car.

A woman answered the door and saw the two men standing there, The faces were familiar, She recognized both of them as soon as she saw them.

With tears rolling down her face, she grabbed hold of Timmy and wailed as the seven years of pain and torment finally ended.


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