Dystrophian utopia.

Perfection as it seems is resting on the seams, four billion strong and 2 billion too much, not everyone can be wrong.l

This is all yours to take, a barren piece of a paper waiting for a mark you have to make. Make sure you’re not sticking out to much, this is perfection, we don’t want it to break. 

This is all for you, made for you, you’re made for it too, don’t hesitate it’s a happy time, this world is yours we’re just here for a few more and then it really will be yours.
What is that I hear you say? You think you’re ready to have a go at it? Really? That’s nice, im glad you took a step up from your game. Good going, now just another year or too and it’s all yours for the taking. Seriously, it’s all yours do whatever you want, make it or break it.

No, I told you before this is all yours, you have to care for it by the hour for all your hours. You’re a beautiful child wait for a while whilst I tell you how big your opportunities really are.

No don’t take that road! Hiw are you sure ut doesn’t lead to the wrong state? We’re northerners you’re anortherner, move to the north! I know what I am saying! I know what I’m doing! I’ve already made the same mistakes you feel so good aboit today! 

No dont go east it might not be as good as the north, its uncharted territory! This world is your for the taking, the north will make you king as you inch closer with every prospect towards the new world you’re going to make. The east will be great, but you’ll be a fish in a barrel, dont go there!

This world is yours, dont do that! This journey you need to prepare for is a long tiring joirney. This guy right here won’t be able to guide you, im the river that leads to the ocean he’s strikingly similar to an ox bow, straight from his toes right up to her eye brows. 

You’re ready? Wow, I think you really are! Go! You’re free, do what you want, this world is yours, this life is yours, this perfection we’ve built is all for you, go on amd grab it! You’re tired now? Why? I thought we made sure hard work was a habbit. Come on child get up and work for it, this impressive impression of depressive depression will lead to nothing but oppression from the future operators of these obsessive tendencies to attain perfection. 

We gave you everything and this world is yours. You’re not happy now? Really? It worked out for me, why didn’t it worl out for you?

No. We’re not different! Stop thinking like that! Work harder be responsible, how do you plan on taking the world while taking those pills! Stop this life of crass grass and shiny glass, dont be a chil now. 

This is it kid, your world to take, my part is done, im leaving a million others like me they’ll take care of the perfection we’ve built, you and I.

Carry on.


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