This crop at which we stare

The tube moves at the speed of a turtle on acid as my eyes try their best not to stare at the man in front of me or the people that sit.

I was standing before I sat down, they were glaring at me when I stood, they’re still fucking glaring at me, oh god they are talking, Oh my god there’s a baby in the goddamned vicinity. 

I shit you not someone just let one rip,this guy’s scratching his balls, beautiful, thats what I wanted to see when i woke up today,  the one shot perfectly set the scene of my insecure dreams.

A stranger with a stranger’s strange baby, laughing. God dammit. its a kid, it shits and eats, not much more, please stop, someone, make this stop. 
YES. Rajiv chowk.

You’ll save me.



Get off . You guys are supposed to get off. Fucking hell, the bimbo handed the kid her phone, an old couple is standing here too, they look calm, pretty serene to be honest NO FUCK NO not you too aunty.


There’s a different guy infront now, guess what, even he’s scratching awat.


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