Days go by.

You’re checking your phone for a message. One that never comes, you’re waiting on a person who’s waiting on someone else. 

Your expectations lead to experience, your mistakes make you wise, your accidental encounters encourage you.

You refresh that page again. Maybe this time. Maybe now. 

Maybe today.

Maybe tomorrow.

You wait. 

You wait like all of us, waiting for your own personal perfection to breathe its way back into your life, your breath grows heavy as your heart grows wild, your phone just chimed. 

Your life stops and the blasphemy of free will interrupts your day, you take that phone in your hands and open it up.

There’s a sale at vans.

Your pupils dilate and your chest feels heavy, you look away and keep your phone back in your pocket. You’re trying  your best to function but the prospects of her messages keep interrupting everything you reach for.

You’ll dream tonight of a world where you never cheated on her. A world where she never became the person she is now. There’s a song you keep listening to. It says there’s a very pleasant side to her, a side you much prefer especially on these days when she’s all argumentative and shes got that face on.

You’re a shell with a soul, you fight this battle but you know you’re no soldier. The aura on your face depletes with every second that passes, the bag on your shoulder grows heavy and swiping om people’s faces doesn’t help anymore, the world is screeching down to a halt and yet it keeps moving.

You’re stuck in a train heading down a tunnel. A tunnel with no light at the end.

Welcome to the real world. 

Say goodbye to your fairytale


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