So long and thanks for all the doughnuts.

We bought a pack of 12 doughnuts and three bottles of soda. Two Fat ones rolled and a bottle of whisky primed. 

She moved like perfection on my dingy central delhi matress, she was quite literally the most beautiful thing in a 12 mile radius.

Her face was pretty and her soul kind, her mind was focused and she left all her baggage behind.

She looked at me through the haze, the hot box asphyxiating her gaze, with a stutter and a jitter she held me close.

Told me she’d love me forever and that she’d never let go.

She meant every word she said and i held perfection by the neck.

Two years later i left all of that behind over one lousy night and having too much to drink. 

Today i sit in front of a mirror staring at the man that moved the faith of a nun. I could’ve been her savior and i could’ve had it all, instead im forced to sit on the sidelines watching her gratitude fall.

Surrounded by shelves filled with shelved apathy i look upon my face with nothing but regret. Give me a do over and I’d switch it all over on that, my whole life, i could bet.


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