3 Years in the making.

Life was different back then, I was a college freshman sitting in his hometown, feeling like I didn’t belong, like I was somehow better than the rest of the inhabitants of my beautifully deranged city, like I somehow needed to do more, to achieve, more. So I lay my fingers down on my keyboard and started to type, I kept typing, I kept on going till my eyes hurt, I dug deeper with every word I wrote, staring into my own soul, my text a mirror for my brain, a reflection in a turbulent river. I kept on going, the mundane became extraordinary, the more I wrote the more I fell in love with words, the prospects of my blog, every new follower that I gained, every hit that I got kept me going, observational prose turned to mysterious poetry, comedy turned to satire, slapstick became my weakness.

I typed away my thoughts till I had nothing left and then I dug even deeper and the deeper I went, the more I thought, scrapping every idea and opinion into a blog post and out of my mind, it kept my mind on edge, kept me wanting for more, waiting for more, Needing, more. I started writing professionally and realized I hated it, I started working on more experimental pieces, like Little Timmy, SSS and a few more things that never made it past the pages app on my mac.

I started writing a novel, about myself because I am after all a narcissist, I finished and deleted it. I wrote another one that sits in the recycle bin of my old Sony Vaio till this day, then I started working on another one and the process still works.

This blog has been a very personal journey for me. A journey that has changed me forever, A journey I wish all of you reading this text would undertake. Because sometimes, the only solution to your demons is to let them out into the world and onto the internet for all of eternity. I was a shy little boy sitting in my room when I started this.

I’m the man I am today because I started this.

Thank you for support, thank you for the love, thank you for the faith.

Bhavya out.


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