Finality in normality. 

I did something good at work recently got me a lot of benefits and praise.  

Did something no one ever thought i could achieve hell i never thought i could do what i did. It made me..  Change.  As a person as a human being I developed and morphed myself into something better than before. Stronger than before.. 

Life is good these days,  better than i could ever ask for it to be,  better than anything I could have hoped for.  Im moving up in the world figuratively and in a few days quite literally. 

I still see reflections of my old life from time to time.  From before the world ended. From way back when I was an insensitive twat with a corner full of more insensitive twats. My corner these days quite honestly isnt the same as it used to be.  It isn’t what I wanted it to be. 

But it is what it is. And im proud of what  it is. My little shell is what I lived in my little comfort zone was what I was content with. These days it’s different.

There’s a new challenge for me to conquer every day. 

I do look back on the things I left behind to be who I am on the two roads that diverged in the yellow wood.  And mind my Robert frost references but I chose the one less travelled. 

A lonely road to walk on.  A lonelier one to look behind on, for you haven’t known dismay until you see  former lover chose another road with your friends in her steed. You’ll look back on the pack of that rag tag band of stags and wonder.  

Did i make the right choice? 

Was I wrong? 

Maybe I did overreact. 

But if ive learnt anything in the past six months it’s that the only things that matter in this world are facts.

And when the fact is that you’re in a better place as a result of your choices. The trade off of losing people and feeling terrible as absolutely worth it.


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