Don’t go out on your own, you probably won’t find home. 

As the world around you swallows you, you’ll be just another kid, floundering yourself in the abyss of a thousand daydreams crashing down and burning in reality. 
Be just like your father, stay home with your mother. Life will always be good. 

You’ll find all that you’re looking for in the same old streets you’ve been roaming on for all your life. 

Just dare to dream, just follow your instincts and be all you can be. 
So go, live in that 6×6 room in the middle of nowhere, collect the hardships and keep them in a boat. 

And let it sail, down till that 6×6 is a 10×10 an then a thousand yards and a large estate on the darkest dayd when you’re dreaming another cigarette away. 
But don’t stay. 
Don’t even listen. 
Don’t find comfort in your life, burn yourself to the ground. 
I’ll stand in my 6×6, on my own. 

It’s not much. It’s not enough. 
But for now. 
It’s home. 


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