Little Timmy and the blasphemy Chapter 7 

The sun was shining, bright like… Well the sun. The water in Timmy’s glass felt odorless, tasteless and a colourless with nk shape or form. 

Timmy inferred that the water was in fact water. It had been 6 years since chapter 6 came out, or atleast it seemed like it.

Timmy’s life had changed a lot since the time he was granted super powers by the great conquerer. He was now a grown teenager, full of angst, anger, personality defects and super powers. 

The only thing that really bothered Timmy to the point of being a constant thorn in his  godly backside was the fact that since the past 6 years he had been in the same estate and he still didn’t know the name of Robin’s brother. 

Another thing that bothered him was the fact that in his 6 years of being a super hero god, he had never really done anything…. Apart from kicking the man in the balls, studying and trying to make a pass at Robin.

He never really felt the “super” elements of his “super powers”. Six years on, he was still struggling to cope with his abilities, albeit he still didnt know what those abilities were.

Today, it was all conveniently going to change. Today was the day when he’d break out. 

Robin sat near the window, she was drinking a cup of cocoa. It was june, it was really hot, she was drinking hot cocoa. Timmy smirked, stupid girl, can’t even drink the right drink. 

He approached her and asked her to tell him about the world and what was going on. She told him that the BJ uprising had finally started to die off and that her brother was still out there fighting them.

Timmy remembered the time when the rebels demanded voting rights, his mentor had fought them all off single handedly and ensured that the BJ rebels remained chained to the lower reaches of poverty in society, he ensured they never had any rights and remained the poor kosher bicycle stealing scum of the earth.
Robin told him that right now he was out fighting the others. “Robin, im ready! Let me go out and fight them!”

‘Oh my sweet Timmy, i wish you were.’

” I am!” 

‘You are not ready yet.’

“Ill fight you to prove it!”

‘Ok then, hit me!’

Timmy jumped and punched her in the face. She collapsed to the ground with am incredible thud, Timmy was scared.

Her breathing was slow, Timmy checked for a pulse, but he didn’t know where the pulse was. There was blood everywhere. There were little squishy pink bits on Timmy’s hand. Suddenly Robin stopped moving. 

Timmy started crying. He had just killed Robin. His powers were too strong for him to control! He wasn’t ready yet! He just wasn’t! 


Little Timmy and the blasphemy Chapter 6

Timmy woke up from a dream of delight, there was a scary slide, timmy was happy in the dream to be lacking the necessary height. He was jubilated by the dream, still he felt like the most exhausted man in the country, Timmy was prose, not artistic  poetry.

Robin’s brother entered the room and fullfilled the morning rituals of spitting on his hand and spanking Timmy repeatedly till he finally woke up. 

He was trying hard not to be suspicious. But the man’s behavior got erreatic-er by the second. Timmy asked him if he was ok. He said he was, but he felt like the world around them was literally getting ready to implode.

‘Why?’ Timmy inquired.

“The Bj movement is threatening us all, their demands have become a source of infamy, if theur latest demand is met, it’s gonna be a blasphemy.” He said.

‘A blasphemy? This is my battle, i am ready master, let me prove my worth. This will be my fight. Im ready. What are they demanding?’

“Timmy, this is not your war to fight, you’re a god damn kid. Wait for the sequel. We’ll try to get you ready by then.”

‘Just tell me what their demands are.’

“They’re asking for the right to vote.”

‘Vote for what?’

“The Democratic elections.”

‘They’re asking for equality ! How dare they!’

“I know Timmy, it enrages me as well but thats what they’re demanding. But trust me Timmy, they will never get the right to Vote, or be treated as equals in society, they will always be the marginalized assholes living like the scum of the earth eating kosher KFC buckets and bargaining at  every store. ”

‘That is exactly what they deserve!’

“Yes Timmy, thats what they deserve how dare they have bigger dicks and more money than us regular people!”

Timmy heaved a sigh in. He was worried, very worried about the sordid state of affairs his world was plunging into, he was gonna stop all of it. 

Timmy would negate this blasphemy. For now and forever. The oppression will never. Ever. Stop.

Little Timmy and the blasphemy Chapter 5

Power had been a funny little revelation for Timmy, he had fet it surge through his veins he had felt the effect first hand. He knew exactly what it was capable of making people do, he vowed not to be a bitch about it. 

Timmy was eventually taken out of the white room much to his dismay and was given his own room on the first floor of the house that they were in, No one told him where the house was, all he could see from the windows were acres of farmland. Timmy was surprised to see not even a single soul around up till the horizon, all he could see was grass, wheat and Ginger kids. 

His training began the next day, the man and woman who still refused to be named made him do push ups and crunches and planks and squats and running. Too bad they didn’t focus on his grammar alot. Timmy’s favourite classes were science and math, his teachers were great, but when Timmy tried to massage their thighs they retreated and pushed him away rather than giving him a mouthful of pudding. 

A month passed. Timmy’s education was on track and he felt really good about himself, on this particular day after finishing the day’s classes, Timmy lay in bed wondering about the past when suddenly the woman entered his room. ” Tim, do you know why lord syrah chose you?” She spoke in a calm voice.

“I don’t, I thought it was very random.”Timmy replied.

“Do you know who your great grandfather was?” She inquired.

“I don’t, was he very important?” Timmy asked.

“Not really, No. But must’ve been cool lovong back in the 1960’s right?” She said.

“Uhh.. Well i guess so.. I dont know.. Maybe.” Timmy managed to say, surprised at how idiotic this woman was. 

“My name is Robin, I realized i never told you that, i just didn’t trust you earlier, you know?” 

“Its ok, i guess its alright..  Who was syrah and how did you know him anyway?”

“He was a celestial conquerer of worlds, he could travel through time and bend the fabric of time and space itslef. He was also my father.” Robin had a tear in her eye.

“But how are you not a.. Spider?” Timmy asked, he realized he asked a lot of questions.

“I am part arachnid and part human, so is my brother.” 

“But you dont look spider-y?!”

“Thats a secret to be told later Timmy. Go to sleep, you have a long journey ahead of you. Also, I’m very sure that serum changed you too, it alters a person’s cell chemistry and makes them part spider.” Robin smiled and winked and then walked out the door.

She left Timmy with a lot of horrendous questions in his head. Was all this a plot device to eventually be the reason for his unexpected powers or was Robin, as he nowknew her to be, a potential love interest? 

He shrugged off these feelings of uncertainty and let his mind loose to magical entropy. 

Little Timmy and the blasphemy Chapter 4

It had been 3 days since Timmy’s eyes opened to see the white room’s inhabitants. In the past three days Timmy had done nothing but wander around the room and look at stuff, nothing monumental or special or even interesting had happened, Timmy had a feeing today would be different as the wroter of his destiny had finally taken the time out for him. 

A tall woman with the palest of skin walked towards Little Timmy, she picked him and inspected him. “You are the one Syrah the conquerer chose?”

A pale skinned tall man that might have been her brother spoke,”Yes, he is the chosen one, He shall succeed Syrah and become the next king. He will be the one to beat Sauvignon the ruthless onto submission.” 

“He can’t do it, i analyzed his brain and body, the only thing that is written in his destiny is the intended back story to make the character more lovable which shall be revealed in the next chapter.” Said the woman.

She dropped Timmy down and the man and woman walked towards a door in the fourth wall of the room. 

Timmy was surprised, he kept wondering what was happening. “What is happening?” He screamed. 

Timmy had impulse control problems. 

The duo walked towards him and spoke in unison, “You have been chosen by our lord Syrah is the man that will carry on his empire and rule the world and become the next great conquerer of the new world.” 

“But.. Im 7.” Said Timmy, almost bursting at the seams with excitement.

“That is why you were chosen, we will train you and guide you and make sure you become exactly what lord syrah wanted you to be.” The man replied.

“But what about my family? Mom? Dad? Jesus? What about them?” Timmy inquired.

The woman sighed and said “Yeah… About that… I had the duty to retrieve you, and the retrieval got a little complicated in terms of your parents not wanting to let you go… So we had to… Umm.. You know…”

“No i dont, what did you do you murdering little piece of poo, what did you do to my family!!!” Timmy screamed with a tear in his heart and eyes.

“Relax will you? We told them we were angels and we wanted to buy you, they gave you up for 5 Buy one get one free discount coupons from Domino’s.” The man Replied. 

“5 discount coupons? That’s it??” Timmy said with a shaky voice.

“5 one with one FREE discount coupons.“Said the woman.

“Are you fudging kidding me?” Timmy was beginning to realise that his family was a bunch of assholes. He hated them for the very first time.

His mind rushed and buzzed to the point that he couldn’t breathe without feeling the need to kick a man in the nuts.

Which he promptly did, the man fell to ground clutching his balls.

The woman looked at Timmy, surprised and confused,”That move, the under thruster Jewel buster.” She bowed down to him and touched his feet. ” My lord Syrah, i apologize for everything i have done.”

“Its a pleasure to be kicked in the nuts by you sir.” The man winced in pain as blood oozed between his legs.

Timmy looked down on them bending at his feet. 

Then he felt it. Power.

Little Timmy and the blasphemy Chapter 3

Timmy walked home slowly, yet extremely sure of one thing this spider serum was the solution to all his problems, not that he had any specific issues, he just liked being dramatic sometimes.

Timmy entered through the front door into his home as his father rushed to the door to greet him, Timmy walked up to him and hugged him as tightly as he could. ” I hd such an amazing day at school today dad, I learnt counting and grammar and evolution-”

His sentence was abruptly interrupted by his dad slapping him square on the cheeks,”How many times have i told you Tim there will be no talk of those satanic devil worshipping science monkeys inside my house?”

“Im sorry dad.” Timmy managed to whimper.

” It’s alright Tim, i just fear for you, i don’t want the apple of my eye to rot in hell as satan uses him as an underage anal plaything. Now come, Mom has made her special BBC. ”

Timmy and Dad walked towards the Dining room, Timmy felt so safe, his dad was a strong  man, very fit and very fun to play father, son and holy ghost with him, Timmy stared at his moustache, it was a classic handlebar, paired with a 5 o clock shadow, his dad looked marvellous. 

His eyes fell upon his mother, the very imgae of purity and serenity, she was short, with long brown hair and green eyes. His mom was the best thing about his life. She was the only person who was always there for him, no matter how rough things got. 

Timmy smiled a gentle smile, he walked upto mom and hugged her, she kissed him on his forehead and told him to go and freshen up.

He did this promptly and returned to the table, mom had made her famous Blue Berry cheesecake. After eating the cake he said goodnight to mom and dad and went up to his room. 

It was around this point that he realized he had a weird serum in his pockets that a weird spider like creature had given him, what does it do? 

He took the bottle out and examined it carefully, it had the words top secret and confidential written on it, Timmy wanted to drink it, but that seemed too mainstream, He saw the letters B and J embossed on the lid  of the vial, Timmy’s excitement grew, was all this conveniently related to the BJ uprising? 

Would he be the key to fixing the world again? Timmy really wanted to kill every last black jew alive to maje sure the world was a good place.

Timmy knew that peace was a product of violence and that chaos always led to control, why he knew this is a question that won’t be answered until chapter 5.

Hedrank the serum with no idea of what else to do with it. 

It went to his stomach with a thud, almost like a dagger strapped with 90 kilos of weight  imapling a watermelon. It was painful, following this burst of pain, Timmy fell to the ground and passed out.

He woke up in a white room, filled with white people. The deeply loved, granny loving racist bastard with a god complex had never been happier.

Little timmy and the blasphemy Chapter 2

School. The one place little Timmy felt his soul cringe on itself and snap into 17 equally sad parts. 

He walked past the water fountains and the lion statues that adorned the walls of the other, much richer and more expensive school that his parents couldn’t send him to. In crossing his eyes fell upon the most beautiful woman in the world. His heart skipped a beat, her face glistening in the warm glow of the sun, her perfect platinum  hair, her perfect face and a body to die for, Timmy slowly fell in love and then he realized a love like that will never be accepted. Timmy was 7 she was probably in her late 70’s but the woman looked like she was just at the perfect age of 57. 

Timmy was a creepy, granny loving racist bastard.

He crossed the love of his life and saw the walls of his school slowly approach him, he saw a few posters of the BJ uprising. Timmy was convinced these guys would be trouble. He ignored the propaganda and walked further, finally reaching his school ; he entered his class and sat on his favourite seat. His friends always kept it empty for him and he loved them for it. He waved his hands at Rob and Will, his friends. They pointed to Timmy’s spot with a look of utter disgust. ” Haha you guys are so funny ” said Timmy and sat down at his seat.

Mr. Kingston walked in, he was tall almost 6″2′ with a skinny build and pale skin. Timmy liked him a lot he was the best teacher he ever had. He had taught him alot and every Thursday after gym class Mr. Kingston walked upto Timmy and gave him Toffees and Licorice in return for Timmy’s jockstrap. Once he gave timmy a mouthful of pudding for massaging his thighs. 

Timmy was a deeply loved, creepy, granny loving racist bastard.

Mr. Kingston taught them numbers and addition, Timmy liked the class and understood everything. Mr. Kingston had a way of reaching into him, he came upto Timmy when the class was over and winked.

The rest of the day was very uneventful and during lunch Timmy aat at his own table against the wall, with Rob and will throwing paper planes at him. ” Such funny guys! Such amazing friends! I love my life!!” 

After school Timmy was walking home when he noticed a weird little spider like creature throbbing on the ground.

He went close to the spider like creature and spoke in his most empathetic voice ” Hey spider, are you hurt?”

Blood and fluid oozing from his nearly destroyed body, the spider talked back to him! 

“Of course not im not hurt at all you imbecile, God knows i shouldn’t hand this over to you but here take this serum, itll give you the abilities of a spider and the strength of a bulldozer. But remember that with-”

Timmy stamped his feet on the head of the weird spider like creature and killed it. He took the serum and started walking back.

“Gee i sure am glad that i killed it, it was too close to plagiarism.” Timmy wondered what plagiarism was but then the forces controlling him decided he should go back home.”

Little Timmy and the blasphemy Chapter 1.

The BJ reich started too long ago for little timmy to remember. The year was 2074 and the black jews had risen above the social standards set for them and had started an uprising the size of mount everest when compared to the little mustached guy timmy’s great grandfather called hitler. 

The differences between the nazis and the BJ uprising were vast and the BJ movement had started out as a result of the annual look alike convention where after one too many vodka gimlets a certain jerry Seinfeld look alike and the woman that looked amost but not quite entirely unlike beyonce met and combined their bodily fluids to form Denzel Broflowski the first black jewish man in the history of the world. 

There was a high amount of media coverage and everything. But Timmy regrded it as a very bad move. Who could possibly blame him, everyone did. 

It had been 60 years since the birth of Denzel and he had spread his seed everywhere. Thr BJ movement had started out as a method of demanding more rights for the black and jewish community and putting an end to the stereotypes. 

Timmy always liked the stereotypes, Timmy was a little racist bastard. He had learnt that from his father who told him stories of how the black jews stole bikes because they were too cheap to buy them. The world had a fun time with these jokes. The stereotypes sat perfectly in their holes, unlike the car stereos that got stolen by the million in the year 2060. 

Timmy picked the newspaper, a new demand by the BJ’s, they wanted a 40% discount on the kosher KFC bucket. “What a bunch of whimps” thought Timmy. 

The problem with the BJ movement was that it was so insignificant that no one really cared apart from rapper Drake jr. who kept singing the BJ anthem with every chance he got, but eve  he was whipmy like his dad Drake who almost caused the 2032 calamity of the fall of instagram. He was the only reason hashtags weren’t allowed to be used anymore. 

Timmy hated Drake Jr. And his anthem, A car conveniently crossong the road in front of his house had its speakers set on full and Timmy could hear drake jr singing the anthem 

Somewhere between Africa and the middle east, somewhere between America and Israel. Somewhere between saving money and shop lifting. Somewhere between rapping and a business.

But we stay down, girl we always stayed down, you know we always lay down, promise to step on the glass before it breaks now.

Im the furthest thing from mixed race like everyone i know.

“Whimp”.  “I should go to school”. Timmy convinced himself that he needed to go. Then decided against it. Then he decided for it and went to school.

Doctors in the dark 

Anger is my virtue. Anger is my passion, seeing red is all i know. Im scared of it, but its a part of me. Thats something i truly know. The faces i see are different from the voices i hear. There’s two of them and there’s one of me. Ive won a lot of races saved myself from being washed out in a lot of places. 

This world is my oyester. Im waiting for these two to be shucked out. Help me. I can’t let them win. I love you when you’re singing. Please never stop. Im giving you all my problems make sure in time they’re dropped. 

Conveniently yet forcefully. Make sure this ballad of faith that i sing repeatedly, reaches a height from where you can’t get it down.  I’m trusting you with everything. Im sorry i cant offer you anything.

Lo and behold the weakling bitches out again. I told you not to tell them about me. Ill fucking destroy you. You know that right? 

Im.. Im really sorry… I couldn’t stop. 

You fucking will.


I dont think that’ll be necessary. We can sort this out peacefully. 

Why don’t i smack your face very peacefully? Huh? Go back in your hole boy. You don’t belong here. Ill invite you when i have to cry. Leave.

I’m sorry.

Im sorry too.

Exaggerate and trick me.

Lets make pretend that you and me are gonna live ever after happily.  Your happiness is what matters, even if achieving it leads to my ego being shattered. Ive given you everything, you’ve given me some, ive planned a life with you, you’ve planned a lifetime.  
This is all i wanted. So why is it this strange?  Ive gottwn everything in the world out of this so why does it feel like a disease that spreads into my veins?
My love for you is true. Its just not a 100%.  My love for you is surreal its not normal but iys also something too much for me to handle, the only thing that consists of consistency is the urges i get to leave you. 

You’re perfection you’re the one, but now is not the time for the one. Its time for a lot. I can’t let you hold me back and i sure as hell am not gonna hold you back. If you think I’m wrong in the words i write, come back to me and we’ll have a grand little fight. 

Tonight, im gonna breathe. Today im gonna break free. Break free from the bandage that is you, leaving behind the headache of this view. 

I love you but i have to go. Ill come back to you long before you know.

Stay at home Construction worker

I sit here quietly waiting for my day to dawn , this husk of dusk never made anything any easier for anyone i suppose . Well i guess i should get this on a page , who knows when ill get my next chance.

Dear Matilda,

ive waited , ive waited long enough .This it though , this when i move on , you’ve ruled me for to long , talk id=s cheap my love , but ,my heart isn’t , ill help you help me darling , I’m gonna leave your memories behind.

love . ME

Dear Sheffield

youve been the best friend ive ever had you streets and stadiums have been my solace and getaways together , forever.  So what if our team got relegated , well bounce back , i heard the arctic monkeys are releasing a new album soon.

love ME

Dear mom and dad

you are the best thing to ever happen to me , it’s all my fault , everything that happened. I’m gonna make up for everything soon , this is it for me , im moving on from the past , im leaving it all behind and going ahead into a new adventure , i hope your Knees get better Dad .  And mom those really are very bad dentures. SO this is it , im no longer one of your little debentures .

Love ME

Dear cell phone

you piece of shit , im gonna get a better one , the next time i open my eyes.

Love me.

The letter are done , i should get the supplies now , and ge ready for the dawn of my dusk. the end to my feeble soul and all the surrounding husk, this is it i suppose. last grocery store trip ever


I exit the door , walking with a resolve that can’t be shattered. Hardware store. perfect.

1 long Rope

1 Stool

1 Black hefty bag

1 can of red paint

and a bar of snickers

I really needed the snickers

i walk up to the cashier , he freaked out at the sight of my cart.  I told him it was my Cleansing kit , he didn’t listen and called the manager . They didn’t sell me anything and told me to go .

I really needed that bar of snickers


I went to Starbucks today probably the last time in this cycle of existence .

i saw a face, so much  better than Matilda . so much better than his own

he took out his shitty phone. He stroked his beard .

i went unto him , i asked his name , Robb.

i said hey im Geoffrey

hey Geoffrey , how are you doing today ?

I’m great are you single?

what ? excuse me …

Are you looking for someone ?

he said he was

i asked him who he was looking for .

he said something , but i was just too mesmerised by his beauty.

I called Matilda and dumped her.

I asked for his number and told him he was beautiful

he loved it,

he asked me to call him and offered me a bar of snickers .

I ate it and went home.

I burnt the letters.

I dont want the dawn to come soo soon.