Dystrophian utopia.

Perfection as it seems is resting on the seams, four billion strong and 2 billion too much, not everyone can be wrong.l

This is all yours to take, a barren piece of a paper waiting for a mark you have to make. Make sure you’re not sticking out to much, this is perfection, we don’t want it to break. 

This is all for you, made for you, you’re made for it too, don’t hesitate it’s a happy time, this world is yours we’re just here for a few more and then it really will be yours.
What is that I hear you say? You think you’re ready to have a go at it? Really? That’s nice, im glad you took a step up from your game. Good going, now just another year or too and it’s all yours for the taking. Seriously, it’s all yours do whatever you want, make it or break it.

No, I told you before this is all yours, you have to care for it by the hour for all your hours. You’re a beautiful child wait for a while whilst I tell you how big your opportunities really are.

No don’t take that road! Hiw are you sure ut doesn’t lead to the wrong state? We’re northerners you’re anortherner, move to the north! I know what I am saying! I know what I’m doing! I’ve already made the same mistakes you feel so good aboit today! 

No dont go east it might not be as good as the north, its uncharted territory! This world is your for the taking, the north will make you king as you inch closer with every prospect towards the new world you’re going to make. The east will be great, but you’ll be a fish in a barrel, dont go there!

This world is yours, dont do that! This journey you need to prepare for is a long tiring joirney. This guy right here won’t be able to guide you, im the river that leads to the ocean he’s strikingly similar to an ox bow, straight from his toes right up to her eye brows. 

You’re ready? Wow, I think you really are! Go! You’re free, do what you want, this world is yours, this life is yours, this perfection we’ve built is all for you, go on amd grab it! You’re tired now? Why? I thought we made sure hard work was a habbit. Come on child get up and work for it, this impressive impression of depressive depression will lead to nothing but oppression from the future operators of these obsessive tendencies to attain perfection. 

We gave you everything and this world is yours. You’re not happy now? Really? It worked out for me, why didn’t it worl out for you?

No. We’re not different! Stop thinking like that! Work harder be responsible, how do you plan on taking the world while taking those pills! Stop this life of crass grass and shiny glass, dont be a chil now. 

This is it kid, your world to take, my part is done, im leaving a million others like me they’ll take care of the perfection we’ve built, you and I.

Carry on.


Open to our interpretation.

Gazes collide and words divide, preposterous prepositions conjugate conjunctions, his brain turns to mush as his eyes stare into hers. 
In another room a good deal of people stare blankly at the fans, waiting for a chance to break free from the grips of romance.
Destiny’s child is destruction, hope’s only savior is going to bring the faith’s plan to fruition.
So just get up boy, you’re destined to fail, i know a broken heart is blind. Do you want to read this in braille?


Run away. Come with me, let me be the last soul you’ll ever see, lets get a bridge between you and me.


Long live the lineage of truth, the under appreciated youth. 

We are renegades of the fall,  better than alone than beinrg the sum of our whole, let me be me and let us, be you and me. 

Run away. Run faster, its too difficult to stop what you’ve been chasing after. Fall in love with the soul i am, pour your love in the bowl i have.

Give me truth. 

Give me you.

Give me the benefit of doubt, i told you i shaved. It ain’t a fluke.

Turn it over.

Loudlyexclaiming the need to be relevant, its a good idea, you wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t one. 

Its always exciting, when you’re yawning, i like to see what you feel when you’re scheming and planning.

You lift a finger and ruin a life. You didn’t cut the chord before you absolutely had to. How did you possibly sleep next to someone you never loved, was it difficult to gather? 

Was it hard being a father? Did your mind make you insane? Or was it mother’s inane way of sticking to the point or the highway?

I know its been tough, but it’s also been simple. I know its been dark, but you’re the one holding the flashlight and you’re pointing it in the wrong direction. 

You don’t need the National anthen to stand up for yourself, you don’t need jack sparrows compass to find yourself.

Ive tried ti find you in some day dreams that ive had but as Mr. Turner says, you’re always too busy being make believe.


I look around me and see these words. Words that are alive, words that are breathing. Words that are repetitive in their own comprehensive teasing.

They walk around playful yet stern. Waiting for me to arrange them and end my turn. I keep up with them for the most part, but sometimes they take over. The words do what they want, im not a pen im not even a vessel. All i stand for is the continuous search for unflinchingly poignant hassles.

All infected with the necessary scumbag virus waiting for catastrophes like the next dark blatter. He gets up slowly to great me i know exactly what he wants. He wants me to get his words out. My words deny any pre existing knowledge of this morality eradicating joust. 

He offers me the pen. He gives me the perfect page. He lies down and closes his eyes perfectly setting up the stage. I pick up my pen and i put it on the white paper. I write in red. The end flows slowly leaving stains on his bed.

You fell asleep in my car.

Voices that shatter the mirrors that matter, oxfordian commas, and gullible antique furniture shop owners. 

Loose change turning into a rhythmic flow of observation, i look into more pressing mattwrs like my own desolation. 

I wasn’t raised like a warrior or a priest, i was raised like a thinker, a lover of the breeze. 

I look into your eyes feinting a sense of prosperity, your problems are a beauty, you reach to my cupboard and bring the wrong choice.

Drinking wine in a brandy glass, you’re eating at me like a molotov. Look me in the face and challenge me to a race. Look at my teeth and tell me what you need. 

He spoke with a gravelly voice. He told me he’d break my bones. Im a wordsmith looking for inspiration, he gave me 8 reasons for flight. She gave me one to fight. 
I was looking for the key all my life.   But the door, it was already open.  Thats just something a poet said. 

The reality is that he owns the key. And the door is boarded up with 10inch thick stainless steel.

Moving to the beat

They waltzed to the beat of destiny, sashaying away the realms of man, blowing kisses through the torrent of the fan.

He was headstrong and depressed, She was perfect and yet impressed. His whims and fancies dictated the world he lived in , it was one she wanted to be in.

A game of shadows and the gestures of a clown, their life together began in silence.

She looked on closely and saw another, with the face of apathy, occupying her space, stealing her rightful degree in winning this race.

Things can never be perfect in the life of a man with so many demons, He gazed upon the shelf and found hope in her dreamy eyes and her slightly blushed up cheeks. She looked at him and rejected the advances he made. The world turned into a bad place, childish empathy and fake sympathy filling up his bottle with drugs and gasoline.

She regretted the steps she had taken but the apathy in his life needed to leave, her life would never be the same, but a man doesn’t matter. its the thought that counts she supposed.

Breaking their promises, learning the acts of true companionship, they march into oblivion as the fade gathers into the mist veiling slowly the coating set into the abyss. Days bleed into hours as months turn into years. The threads of togetherness tore apart by the blades of a rusty pair of garden sheers.

They faced their demons left themselves into the sea of uncertainty for all of eternity.

The world however is a funny place, They thought they’d lost hope but fate entwined their ties into a sullen confrontation of lies.

A tale of two lovers that found each other in a festival of nerds, They found love in a place where you only found virgins.

Whiskey and emotional debts, her 18th birthday and a crooner in a fest. A train ride to heaven coffee drops and toffee pots leading upto the day he found his voice again. He laid it down on the line, He left everything to chance,  Her fingers began to dance.

We’ve made it this

I don’t want to hand you all my troubles. You’re not gonna be picking up my pieces. My struggles are my own you dont have to watch me. You’ll have to see me fail, from miles away.

But today. I need you to stay. 

Im trying to sleep but my alarm clock doesnt let me, its set to ring at 6, its 4. Im scared it’ll wake me as soon as i sleep and see you. 

I cant risk losing you again. Ill just do it tomorrow. 

Look at my neck, its not exactly beautiful is it ? 

Look at my face. Say the same thing and ill shoot you. Its all perfection on this horizon, walk close to me and you’ll see why its not. 

Im sorry for the times I’ve been a code, a crying cipher you’ve had to hold. Im sorry for the times ive acted cold. Sorry for the times i didn’t do what you told. 

I see a whole room of mutant kids. Their hands are sabres, not the kind you see on star wars though, they look at me and point me in your direction. I can’t do shit when you wont take my hand. One day might not be enough to heal us.

But three hours have been enough to make me believe in what i feel, there hasn’t been any distraction to mask the fear of what’s real. 

Im sorry.

As Per reservation.

It starts with a slow thump. Escalated mildly towards a gentle pump. The world dazzles itself on a line, losing everything there is just to say they’re fine. I can’t get her out of my mind. I think about her eyes all the time.
She’s got ships in the raft, baskets in cases. You must excuse my mannerisms i was making room for some sadistic machoism.  Let me tell you how it goes, drop the bass now, we’ll talk as it starts to snow.

I like the way you eclipse the sun, when you dance. Was that your overall aim or did it all happen by chance? 

You’re a pilgrim waiting for the shivers, let me be the prophet, i do have a tongue thats silver. Look at me, ain’t it all very great? 

I like the way you move, it makes me believe in poetry. I like the way you put me in my place, justified in serving me some poetic justice nd winning every race.

You’re destined for the disease, the closest thing to perfection that ive ever seen.

Well. Dont flatter yourself over words you cant completely comprehend , im here for one reason, i wont pretend.

Its the same reason I got you this ring. 

Tell me. Do you agree to the prospects of being my muse forever?

Exaggerate and trick me.

Lets make pretend that you and me are gonna live ever after happily.  Your happiness is what matters, even if achieving it leads to my ego being shattered. Ive given you everything, you’ve given me some, ive planned a life with you, you’ve planned a lifetime.  
This is all i wanted. So why is it this strange?  Ive gottwn everything in the world out of this so why does it feel like a disease that spreads into my veins?
My love for you is true. Its just not a 100%.  My love for you is surreal its not normal but iys also something too much for me to handle, the only thing that consists of consistency is the urges i get to leave you. 

You’re perfection you’re the one, but now is not the time for the one. Its time for a lot. I can’t let you hold me back and i sure as hell am not gonna hold you back. If you think I’m wrong in the words i write, come back to me and we’ll have a grand little fight. 

Tonight, im gonna breathe. Today im gonna break free. Break free from the bandage that is you, leaving behind the headache of this view. 

I love you but i have to go. Ill come back to you long before you know.